The holiday souvenir decor

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Most of us would have experienced the times when we were on a holiday and suddenly some artefacts catch our eyes and set us thinking, “how nice it would be if we could have this at home!” Well, the next time you are planning a trip abroad, look around your house. What do you think can give your house a dressing up or a boost to the design of your living room?

One of the items that you can look out for is the timepiece clocks. Yes, these clocks add a good finishing touch for a room. We are not talking about the ubiquitous round-faced clock that you see in the coffee shops. Instead, look out for the cuckoo clocks, or ornate table clocks. These timepieces are decorative items which also tell you the time of day. The animated chimes from the cuckoo clock can add some life to the house.

Of course, there are other varieties that come in many different shapes and sizes that you can consider. One is the famous drink maker which has a collection that would quench the thirst of those who fancy collecting all things Coca-Cola. Others are from brands such as Harley Davidson, Disney or even the Harry Potter franchise! You may be pleasantly surprised just how these clocks can make heads turn when friends or relatives visit your home.

Another item to consider for your house is the small portrait bust, i.e. a sculpted or cast likeness of the upper part of the human figure. Often it’s the head and neck but sometimes it may include the chest and shoulders. Busts can be formed from different materials such as clay or fibreglass. Certainly if you have the budget, then look for those made in more expensive marble or bronze, which would mean you need to send them to your home by air or sea shipping. If you are in Indonesia, Thailand, or South Africa there is a great variety of handcrafted wooden busts to choose from. One popular variety is the reproductions of figures from ancient Greece and Rome. The more contemporary ones are of famous musicians or even political figures. Just be careful to take note of the origin if you want an authentic souvenir made in the country you’re visiting.

If you want something to remind you of your  holiday, you can’t go wrong with one of these home décor items.

– This article first appeared in a lifestyle magazine.

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